Mobile Ad Platform

Netxcell Mobile Advertising Solution is a revolutionary new mobile advertising channel that gets your brand heard by way of serving audio/Video ads to individual mobile subscribers where you are guaranteed the widest reach too.


Managing campaigns is easy. Mobile Ad platform allows campaigns to be created in 5 intuitive steps and gives the booker full control over preferences such as dates, times, budgets, product interests and profiles. Accredited advertisers will furthermore have access to production guidelines, ad production experts and customer support team. Measuring campaign results is transparent too. Reports and analytics are available online. With its capabilities to re-target your audience by voice and video and  include lead-generating call-to-actions, Mobile Ad Platform in every way a medium that enables you to build an engaging, 1-on-1 relationship with your customer at anonymised mobile number level, and in addition to your digital campaigns.


Ø  Access to millions of accurately profiled users which includes but is not limited to:

·        Gender

·        Age group

·        Location

·         Behavioral information

Ø  Advertising is customizable and interactive.

Ø   Our intelligent platform allows for advertising escalation

Ø    Advertise on a platform that gives real value to the users/subscribers which ensure that they pay undivided attention to your message.

Ø   Get full analytics to measure the success of your campaign

Ø   The system is fully hosted ensuring a turnkey solution and fast deployment.

Ø   No capex required

Ø   Our platform is being rolled out in new countries every month



Mobile Ad platform enable subscribers to place a free convenience call provided that they listen first to an audio clip from a sponsor. At the same time sponsors get an opportunity to do targeted advertising to an attentive audience and get real measurable and analytics  for the campaign.

The system and the advertising can be customized, interactive and link to other channels.

·        No airtime

·         No data

·         No Smartphone required for the subscriber