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“Engage, disseminate & generate lead – Each time, every time!”
Netxcell A2P (Application to person) Bulk SMS solution delivers high-performance dissemination of large numbers of personalized SMS messages to mobile phone terminals. The system supports multiple delivery channel connectivity on multiple protocols for enhanced capacity, failover and optimum billing option. It comes with 24/7 customer support and API integration.

We thrive hard to deliver exceptionally good services to set a benchmark with our superior Bulk SMS Gateway.

The entire system can be bundled with Netxcell's SMSC to bypass the operator's SMSC to deliver messages directly to the end users.
Why Netxcell’s A2P Bulk SMS Services?
  • Intelligent subscriber manager and intelligent router to create multiple users while assigning each user the privilege to send out SMS using the system.
  • System Router supports unlimited routing rules with priority setup.
  • It supports Unicode (UTF-8) for sending out multilingual SMS
  • It supports easy creation and sending of specialized SMS like mono Ringtones, WAP Push & Vcards.
  • Reports consist of MSISDN tracking reports, Summary of SMS sent/received on the basis of number series/operator/time of day/geographic area and so on.
  • Netxcell SMS Gateway supports high availability cluster deployment with a committed up-time of the gateway system of 99.99%.
  • Easy to use Graphical user interface is available for the operator/administrator for individual and mass management of messages, subscribers and provisioning.
The service can be divided into several modules.
  • SMS Gateway
  • SMSC (Optional)
  • SMPP client
  • Trouble Ticketing System
  • Dashboard
Enterprise Communication Platform
2 Way SMS (Long Code, Short Code SMS Services).
Missed Call Services
Click 2 Call Services
Voice call Services(Automatic Call Service)
“Missed Call Services provide a very effective way to get the attention of your potential customers.”

  • Provide your virtual number on every promotional ad asking viewers of the ad to give a missed call. These leads can be recorded on a spreadsheet etc.
  • You can respond to missed calls by an automated callback or SMS.
  • You can verify or authenticate mobile phone numbers for various services to members.
  • Increase engagement with your customer in a cost-effective manner.
  • You can track all the actions to make better well-informed decisions later.

“Voice Call Services”

An enterprise can use bulk voice calls to reach its potential customer on a mobile or a landline phone.
This allows sending pre-recorded voice messages in diverse ways in any language.
Netxcell offers:

  • A smart Auto-dialer to reach thousands of people.
  • Ideal Communication tool which is rich in features.
  • Conduct customer surveys.
  • Send reminders to your customers.
  • Send event notifications.
  • Dashboard to analyse the performance of your voice campaigns.

“Click 2 Call Service”

Netxcell has vast experience in computer telephony integration and it offers to click to call service enabling small and medium enterprises to generate leads from their website/app. The interaction facilitated by click to call service results in higher rate of lead conversion.

  • Netxcell offers this powerful tool which can be easily installed on a website with 24 x 7 support.
  • Ensures user-friendly interface with a hosted solution.
  • Empowers real-time reports to monitor business operations.

“2 Way SMS Services”

The 2 Way SMS Service provides a powerful platform to enhance interaction between customers and the enterprise. It gives valid leads to an enterprise which helps an enterprise to understand the depth of the market. The recipients of the SMS which is a part of your campaign can reply and send their response immediately.

Omni Channel Support Centre Solution

Omni-Channel Support Centre Solution from Netxcell would provide an Omni-Channel Support Centre with an integrated inbound and outbound IVRS functionality. The solution would include a multi-channel platform for both inbound and outbound purpose. The channels would support IVRS, Proactive Notifications, 2 Way SMS, Mobile-App, Social Media, Website, Consumer Portals, Web Chat & E-mails. The solution would adopt a unified complaint registration redressal tool for an exhaustive complaint registration and redressal.

Why Netxcell’s Omni-Channel Support Centre Solution?
  • Reduce caller churn with enhanced experience and analytics.
  • Daily and periodic dashboard of agent’s performance during the call while capturing the trend.
  • Manage a large volume of calls with the perfect inbound Omni-Channel Support Centre solution.
  • Make use of state of the art efficient modules like complaint registration, admin/agent interface & dispatch management.
  • Advanced technology like Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) integrates the telecom system, the IT Infrastructure, and Software applications with customer data.
  • Netxcell’s dialer module: The Dialer is an independent, intelligent system that controls the outbound calls, made by a contact centre, using various algorithms.
IBOT Virtual Agent – Automate, Engage, Analyze
“A Smarter way to engage your customers”
Netxcell presents multi-channel Customer engagement and support AI bot platform with sentiment analysis.

“IBot is the answer to all your questions.”
  • How are you going to make your customers stay engaged to your brand?
  • What about the queries that pop up at 4 AM? Who is handling them?
  • Is there a balance between your input and your output?
“IBot is an automated way of communication with the user through the internet.”

When you are asleep, our Ibot is awake. It will help you to save up to 60% of your time. It has the unmatched ability to handle multiple queries at one go. There is not even a single doubt in our mind in saying that our Ibot performs all the repetitive function of a human resource for answering customer queries.

“IBot feeds on your data.”

IBot solves customer queries and requires training with various intents, deep learning and Artificial Intelligence models. One of the major backbones that help the bot trigger accuracy is your data.

“Perfect Integration with different channels.”

Netxcell’s Ibot can be integrated in real-time with multiple channels such as Website, Android app, iOS (iPhone) app, IVR, Facebook, WhatsApp, Amazon Alexa, Skype, Slack, Google Home & Telegram.

“Ease of access to Ibot.”

B2C Ibot can also be available after customer’s login to a web portal. Netxcell’s IBot has the feature to auto-login customers after they login into a web portal.
B2C Ibot also allows customers to log-in inside Ibot either using Customer ID, mobile number and OTP.

Visual IVR

Netxcell’s Visual IVR is a service which connects customers to a support resource that can solve their problem/inquiry. It has the ability to enhance the customer’s experience with the customer care department. Visual Interactive Voice Response is conceptually similar to Interactive voice response (IVR) but with the addition of visual menus to enhance the experience. Navigating an IVR is cumbersome; a customer has to wait and hear the right options and select the right one. A caller has to constantly pull the phone away from their ear to press the right button. Visual IVR enables the customer to interact with a visual interface by touching screen on mobile. The Visual IVR sometimes utilizes video as part of its interface. The Visual IVR presents convenient access and thus ensures better adoption by customers.

  • Integration with the existing IVR platform.
  • Reduces inbound calls and ensures more customer adoption by providing convenient access.
  • Comes with quick and seamless implementation while preserving your legacy IVR investments.
  • Rich screen popup and design for seamless mobile experience for users.
  • Reach all customers regardless of how they choose to interact with your organization.
  • Lower handle time and increased customer satisfaction.
  • Reduce inbound calls volume by allowing the business to build new service flows.

Audio Conferencing “Increase productivity with the state of the art product for audio conferencing!”

Let the business happen over a conference call with Netxcell’s Audio Conference Solution. Netxcell’s Audio Conference Solution is developed and implemented to provide a novel way to conduct audio conference calls which may involve two or more than two participants.

A conference can be scheduled and participants are informed about it through an e-mail. The calls are password/pin protected. The solution comes with a 24*7 support to provide you with a seamless experience. The Audio Conference solution delivers superior audio quality to the entire conference room environment. The audio conference solution is equipped with a management utility which is capable of centrally managing the audio conference session as well as the entire audio conferencing system.

Why Netxcell Audio Conference Solution?
  • Graphical UI makes it possible to have all the major tabs for creating, scheduling, monitoring, reporting the audio call conference service.
  • Chairperson/moderator can generate conference secret PIN. The PIN is system generated random 4-digit code.
  • There is a provision of three types of conferences: incoming, out-call & out-broadcast.
  • The solution comes with mute, un-mute, disconnect & add participants option (Mute all, disconnect all too).
  • The system is capable to continue to operate 24x7, 365 days.
Video Conference Solution

This is an era of NextGen Video conferencing which can fulfil the needs of fast-paced business requirements of a firm. Netxcell’s Video Conferencing Solution offers you cutting-edge features in Video Conferencing. We offer UltraHD video conferencing, native support of all popular operating systems & great resiliency and support for conference room installations.

Meetings Online Meetings & Training.
Video Webinar Marketing Events & Town Hall Meetings.
Meeting Locks Maintain Privacy in Back to Back Meetings.
Netxcell’s Instant Messaging Share files and messages independent of platforms.
Netxcell Rooms Encourage remote collaboration through a conference room.
Why Netxcell’s Video Conferencing Solution?
  • Reach out to several people and end the communication gaps across horizontals and verticals.
  • Bind all your professionals through one software.
  • Increase productivity and keep employees in sync with the project.
  • Netxcell’s Video Conferencing Solution is easy to install and run.
  • Deploy it within your private N/W.
  • Broadcast view of your desktop.
  • Pass mouse and keyboard control at any time.
  • Custom UC solution to match your needs.
  • Content sharing, slideshows & conference recording capabilities.
Vehicle Tracking System

Netxcell Limited implements a highly secure & advanced system for Vehicle Monitoring & Tracking System. We provide consultancy services for design, development, implementation & maintenance of software solution for ‘Vehicle Tracking System’. Vehicle tracking facilitates the consumers with an online software system for booking a commodity online and transport it using a vehicle. The vehicle tracking system can incorporate the functionality of the existing system and strategically avoid the high cost of maintenance of the existing system with an organization.

Vehicle tracking system comes in an integrated package with the following features:
  • Online booking
  • Transit pass generation with security features like 3D hologram & QR Code.
  • The solution would be integrated with SMS, payment gateway, MeeSeva, Aadhaar, vehicle tracking and surveillance system.
India is building infrastructure at a rapid rate and to support this infrastructure development delivery of various commodities play a vital role.
  • Sale of any commodity in the stockyards is monitored through an electronic surveillance system (CCTVs) and electronic documentation is linked with a central monitoring facility.
  • The Vehicle Tracking System checks the leakage of the commodity in an efficient manner.
  • The way-bills for transportation of the commodity are issued by the governing organization and GPS tracking of the vehicles carrying the commodity is ensured.
  • The Vehicle Tracking System works in a way that any interested buyer can log into an online commodity booking system and book the commodity to be transported using a vehicle. The booked consignment is delivered at his doorsteps.
Online Passenger Reservation System

The Online Passenger Reservation System (OPRS) provides online ticket booking services to the commuters. Using OPRS, commuters can pre-pone, postpone or cancel their travel tickets. The Online Passenger Reservation System (OPRS) offers ticket booking facility from anywhere to anywhere basis. This application has many features for operators and commuters. The application is compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Google, Internet Explorer, and Opera Chrome web browsers.

  • Remote connectivity will be performed through TCP/IP for operation and maintenance.
  • The system communicates over TCP/IP through the HTTP protocol.
  • The system communicates with Operator SMSC through the SMPP protocol for message communication with customers.
  • TCP/IP is used for communication with database and SMS gateway.
  • SMTP protocol will be used for mail communication.
  • IBD/OBD is used for voice communication.
  • Payment gateway interface is used for online payment transactions.
NextGen Video/Voice Messaging

Netxcell Video OBD platform is an innovation that enables mobile operators to deliver video calls directly to 3G users. These calls could contain timely, high-interest information that aims to improve the user's mobile experience.

Salient Features:
  • Scalable and high capacity system.
  • Open Standard VXML Platform.
  • Easy to use GUI for service creation.
  • Centralized web-based content management.
  • Web-based MIS, Campaign creation and Management.
  • BI for targeted and personalized campaigns.
  • Inbuilt IVVR that interacts with the dialled number.
  • Video Content can be fetched from remote servers.
  • Submit pre-recorded video messages to multiple subscribers.
Benefits to an Enterprise:
  • Bulk Simultaneous automated video calls broadcasted to a predefined call list.
  • Multiple simultaneous campaigns with separate messages.
  • Easy-to-use interface to submit and view the status of calls.
  • Filters out DND list and complies with DND regulations.
  • Effective reporting tool for MIS of success and failure calls.
  • BI for targeted and personalized campaigns.
  • Inbuilt IVVR that interacts with the dialled number.
  • Video Content can be fetched from remote servers.
  • Submit pre-recorded video messages to multiple subscribers.
Enterprise USSD
Why Netxcell Enterprise USSD?
Our comprehensive knowledge of telecom technologies and series of successful USSD projects, will make sure USSD sessions established by you are stable and grant you excellent coverage – all over one single connection! Our USSD services are one of the most efficient channels for taking the mobile banking and payments to the masses in different sizes of companies. Companies face different challenges of pricing, education, reach, infrastructure & language barriers.
  • Survey & Market Research.
  • Public opinion polls ( ex: used for voting for candidates in reality shows in Television).
  • Customized polls for corporate bodies.
  • Mobile quizzes.
  • Access to information by using LBS: Hotels, Restaurants, shop info etc.
  • Mobile banking.
Salient Features:
  • Scope for brands/advertisers to place relevant ads in the space available along with the response for USSD requests.
  • Users can also get extended information about the advertisers by sending USSD requests.
  • Customers’ feedback can be received by using USSD.
Interactive Messaging Platform
Netxcell’s Interactive Messaging Platform is a Value Added Service (VAS) SMS communication platform that seamlessly interfaces and communicates using Premium SMS (Short Codes) and Virtual Long Numbers (Long Codes). Enterprises can launch any type of SMS based VAS solutions with Outbound SMS and/or Inbound SMS traffic through Short Codes and Long Codes.
  • An interactive conversation with a prospect customer results towards effective marketing.
  • Reduces stress on customer service executives.
  • Delivers the right types of messages at the right time which are personalized for each customer.
  • High-quality results with fewer resources.
Interactive Messaging gets the nerve of the lead Netxcell’s Interactive Messaging Platform responds to customers in different manners. For an instance, the interaction with the lead can switch from live to text message.
Interactive Two-way Surveys Gathering feedback from your customers and subscribers is the best way to upgrade your services. Netxcell’s interactive messaging platform achieves it with optimum cost and reaches a huge number of people in an efficient manner.
Engaging the customers The approach adopted by Netxcell allows you to engage customers and build a relationship of trust proactively. It enables you to handle outbound customer alerts and notifications at lesser costs compared to other options like customer call centres.
OTP-Customer Authentication
OTP Services:
  • Get an extra layer of security with no complexity. Authenticate users with OTP verification.
  • Authorize activation or deletion of accounts through OTP verification.
  • Authenticate transactions with an OTP and complete the transaction securely.
Salient Features:
  • Customer data is secured at par with standard IT security.
  • Legal compliance is met related to customer’s privacy.
  • In-depth performance analysis with segregation of failures.
  • Flexibility to vary the length of the OTP & its validity period.
  • Deliver OTPs with lightning fast speed making it time critical.
  • Option for Voice-OTP & Text OTP.
Why Netxcell’s OTP Service?
  • Netxcell’s OTP Application is set up in your premises & sits on your server.
  • The application obtains the relevant information from the database.
  • There is no breach of security as the data never leaves your system.
  • Smooth Integration with APIs.
  • OTP application scans for the need of a new message. When the need is detected an SMS is sent to the destination number.
Missed Call Alert

Netxcell’s Missed Call Alert (MCA) service, subscribers will not worry about missing an important call while their mobile is switched off. The missed call notification service detects when the subscriber is not able to receive calls and logs the calling party’s number and the time of the call for every call attempt made to the unreachable subscriber.

Netxcell Missed Call alert is a fully fledged system which performs:
  • HLR provisioning
  • Missed Call capture on ISUP layer and SMS delivery directly on the SS7 layer.
  • Generates more billable revenue for wireless operators.
  • Allows operator to either select a subscription-based collection or non-subscription based standard deductions.
  • Additional revenue from SMS notification traffic and additional traffic from returned calls.
  • Making the mobile subscriber return calls even if the caller did not leave a voice message.
  • Due to its inherent design architecture, Netxcell’s MCA is completely non-reactive to the existing network and it does not overload any existing network subsystem.
Salient Features:
  • Netxcell MCA is a truly hybrid application wherein it can be used both in the pull mode and subscription mode.
  • Netxcell MCA supports GSM operators on MAP layer implementations of the SS7 protocol stack.
  • Is supported by the application.
  • Alerts Collation / Unique alerts.
  • Message tagging / Support for SMS adverts.
  • Supports Unicode/Flash/Alphanumeric CLI support for MT messages.
  • GSM Character support with automatic character conversion.