Telecommunications Pioneers in providing innovative, carrier grade software solutions such as Customer Lifecycle Management,
Campaign Management, Provisioning of Data/Voice Services and different flavours of Inbound/Outbound voice services to Operators & System Integrators
Campaign Management

“An Integrated suite of analytics & marketing solutions which gives multiple benefits under one roof for telecom operators & System Integrators.”

“This state-of-art design will give an edge to the telecom Operators over the competition to run their product promotion, customer retention & loyalty campaigns on real time basis.”

Voice Services
“Modernize your contact centre with Netxcell’s Outbound dialer: A high-performance dial out application to run voice campaigns.”
“Deliver efficient and effective voice campaigns with proactive outbound dialling”.
  • Our platform supports various signalling mechanisms (SS7/ISDN/R2MF) and can fit into one centralized deployment or distributed deployment with in-built call router.
  • A scalable and high capacity system that can dial out thousands of calls in an hour, depending upon the installed capacity.
  • The outbound dialer can be configured as both one-way communication and also as an interactive tool wherein the customer’s input can be used to intelligently route the call the concerned applications for information dissemination.
  • Business Intelligence built into the system helps segment customer base and thus enables targeted communication to specific customer segments.
“ Netxcell’s IBD will automate the process of receiving an incoming call which helps efficient dissemination of information to customers.”
“Netxcell’s IBD platform is a voice and video delivery and discovery platform that acts as a gateway to the various Value-added services.”
  • Supports ISDN and designed to handle large amounts of traffic.
  • Multiple voice/video clips storage.
  • IVR call flow can be modified by simply creating a new call flow script with a minimal downtime.
  • SMPP connectivity to push SMS.
  • Redundant application design for high availability.
  • Comprehensive reports and logs.
  • Supports SNMP alerts for tracking and generating alarms in case of an error condition.
  • Intuitive GUI and based on VXML/XML core.
Pre Call Announcement
  • Integration ready with operator’s network nodes.
  • Supports both Prepaid & postpaid.
  • Supports both ISUP based and IN based call flows.
Enhances operator’s Revenues
  • Through regular usage.
  • Converts dropped calls into completed calls.
  • Converts call me back requests into completed calls.
Benefits to Telcos
  • Personalized PCAs based on Frequency & Time.
  • Customer will listen to complete product information.
  • Useful to play any service info announcements to segmented Customers.
  • Can promote to DND customers as well.
  • Can promote even at night.
  • No deviation from TRAI mandates.
Churn Management
  • Identifies once the customer latches on the network.
  • Track customer behaviour using analytical skills for churn control.
Campaign Module
  • Define to create & prioritize campaigns as per configurable business logics.
  • Multiple file formats & allows message throttling.
Communication Module
  • Robust & flexible tool to promote campaigns on OBD.
  • Supports multiple formats such as SMS & USSD.
Customer Satisfaction & Better Revenues
  • Predicts & Reduces the Churn.
  • Effective Campaigns.
  • Enhancing Loyalty.
  • Contact through OBD/SMS/USSD.
  • Reduce inactive customers.
Reporting Module
  • Configurable & Web-based Reporting System.
  • Analyze & Create historical data of customers.
Loan Services
With a click, Pre-paid customers can quickly recharge amount to their phones, which would be deducted from their future recharges.
  • Integration with Operator’s core network: MSC, IN, USSD, SMSC.
  • Recharge Talk time anywhere & anytime.
Handles loan requests from subscribers based on
  • AON (Age on network).
  • Balance Check.
  • Last Loan recovery.
  • Any customised criterion.
Enhances operator’s Revenues
  • Through regular usage.
  • Converts dropped calls into completed calls.
  • Converts call me back requests into completed calls.
Netxcell CRBT
  • Netxcell offers CRBT (Caller Ring Back Tunes), the innovative service giving subscribers the ability to decide what a caller will hear during interconnection.
  • Netxcell’s CRBT Service offers an easy interface for discovery and download of a diverse range of true tone music, sound effects, and voice clips that will satisfy different tastes of subscribers.
  • Built on a distributed, telco-grade server architecture from Intel, the solution is also expandable, making it easy and economical to add new services to keep up with evolving user needs and marketplace requirements.
Subscription & Billing
  • The subscription requests are received via various channels such as IVR, USSD, SMS, Web, WAP and Customer Care agent.
  • This module interfaces with the HLR to update the subscriber profile for the CRBT service.
  • It interfaces with IN to perform the billing for the same.
Netxcell RRBT
RRBT feature allows mobile and fixed landline users to hear their favourite tunes or text instead of the called partys' while waiting for a phone to be answered. It also gives the option to build their favourite tune list to be set up for their dear ones.
Voice Chat
Netxcell Voice Chat is an enhanced and non-intrusive voice-based chat service. It is an enhanced chat experience for your subscribers who prefer “voice communication” to “text messaging”. Assigns the Voice Chat customer a unique X-digit voice chat ID which allows virtual identity and ensures complete anonymity. Subscribers find it fun to talk and can remain anonymous to all.
Features for your subscribers
  • Remain Anonymous as a unique voice chat ID will be assigned.
  • Manage your Buddy List.
  • Get Alerts.
  • Choose when you want to talk (Login/Log Out).
  • Send Voice Notes or SMS when a friend is busy.
  • Report Abuse.
Voice SMS
A perfect turnkey solution for operators and service providers for providing Value-added Service to its customer.
Netxcell’s Voice SMS is a fast way to send a short message to another mobile subscriber using Voice as the medium of communication.
  • Forward Voice SMS to any other mobile number.
  • Forward Voice SMS to any email and subscriber can download voice SMS in any required format (Mp3/wav).
  • Configurable tariff plans for sending/receiving Voice SMS.
Netxcell makes use of SIP OBD to deliver high-performance dial-out application to run voice campaigns through a protocol to provide voice over IP (VoIP). SIP trunking is a novel way used Netxcell to replace TDM-based services. We are able to reduce cost and overcome obstacles faced in the management by reducing the complexity associated with conventional digital platforms.
Salient features of Netxcell SIP OBD
  • SIP is the standard for VoIP services which provides a better audio channel with UDP.
  • Better response time with less delay.
  • Ease of Use.
  • Better Scalability.
  • Denial of Service Protection.
  • Ability to route calls to multiple locations keeping in mind the call volume and other policies.
Data & Messaging Services
Provisioning & CLM
Netxcell’s Pack Provisioning & Customer lifecycle management typically involves customer acquisition, introduction to products, cross and up-selling of products, lapsed customer win back by capturing, analyzing and reapplying the customer metrics from all of these phases.

Netxcell’s Platform transforms ‘Customer Footprints’ on the network into relevant marketing information to make the right decisions at the right time.

Predictive Analytics Engine identifies high-value customers and identifies usage changes, and predicts churn across segments. Increase loyalty and engagement for higher subscriber spends. Test your products-segment matrix before you launch. Trigger campaigns without losing time to promote contextual offers, and reduce voluntary churn.

Business Intelligence for better conversion and uptake – Netxcell Platform comes bundled with campaign management, subscription engine, and loyalty management that capture the consumer usage behavior and utilize the information for better service discovery and delivery resulting in driving the conversions and uptakes higher.

  • Increase Customer Life-Time Value.
  • Complete Business Intelligence to focus on Segment-wise ARPU.
  • Launch Contextual products at the Right Price & Right Time.
  • Focus on Churn Reduction – Predict Churn.
  • Manage Loyalty programs – for mass, subscriber segments, SIM dealers & airtime re-sellers.
  • Extend network for product innovations – Location based pricing, zero-rated websites.
  • Easy to use system – self-care access from anywhere, anytime; customer need not visit retailer outlet for purchasing / recharging data packs.
  • Prompt alert / reminder responses from system enables continuous engagement with customer thus eliminating dependencies on Customer Care / Retailer.
  • Instant and real-time activation / de-activation of services resulting in high Quality of Service (QoS).
  • Accurate billing enhances customer faith and belief leading to a minimal level of customer dissatisfaction.
  • 24*7 support from Netxcell to the subscribers in case of any failure or downtime.
  • Extend network for product innovations – Location based pricing, zero-rated websites.

Netxcell CVPS enable an operator to offer subscribers to subscribe, unsubscribe, auto-renew any service at the comfort of their handset provided by a VAS vendor. CVPS serves as an excellent billing interface for any content partner providing value-added services to the customers. CVPS allows a content partner to bill for any content download or subscription-based services.

Salient Features
  • Supports instant provisioning, de-provisioning of various subscription-based VAS services like Data, SMS, Voice, UNR, MMS packs, RT packs, CRBT, etc.
  • Auto-renewal, deactivation & Low balance retry mechanism.
  • Flexibility on defining fallback pricing.
  • Easy Opt-in & Opt-out.
  • Capable of integrating with various 3rd party platforms using open standards.
  • Comprehensive reporting system to generate all forms of business intelligence reports and logs.
  • Supports various protocols such as SMPP, HTTP(S), UCIP, SS7, Sigtran, INAP, SOAP, XML etc.
  • IPV6 compliant.
  • Supports second confirmation as per TRAI guideline for all VAS service provisioning request via multiple delivery channels i.e. SMS, WAP, IVR, OBD and USSD.
E-top up

Netxcell’s Electronic Top-up, solutions around providing a convenient way to top up prepaid accounts instead of old scratch card mechanism. It’s a cost-effective approach that results in increased margins.

PCN (Post Call Notification)
Netxcell presents unique intelligent post call notification solution for operators. Our solution boasts upon following features:
  • Interactive Balance Notification for gaining subscriptions.
  • Multiple language options.
  • Inbuilt Campaign Management Module.
  • Segmented Targeting based on Netxcell’s Lifecycle Management solution.
  • USSD PCN is the world's largest platform to reach out to a subscriber as currently, every mobile phone is USSD enabled — it has 100% penetration.
  • USSD PCN targets end-subscriber in a very focused way via their mobile phone.
  • The solution provides a higher recall and readership rate compared to the Internet.
  • Very robust, scalable, flexible and highly configurable.
Give a facelift to your business with the following benefits:
  • Prepaid & VAS Product Promotions to Customer Segments.
  • Operator Branded Promotions Increase Customer Life-Time Value.
  • White List & Black List Management.
  • User-friendly, flexible and customizable solution.
  • Network-based service and works seamlessly with any handset.
  • Increased customer satisfaction.

MCA eliminates missed call uncertainties and frustration as your subscribers have increased control about who tried to call them when they were unavailable. It removes missed call handicaps and allows subscribers to gain an upper hand.

With Netxcell’s Missed Call Alert (MCA) service, subscribers will not worry about missing an important call while their mobile is switched off. The missed call notification service detects when the subscriber is not able to receive calls and logs the calling party’s number and the time of the call for every call attempt made to the unreachable subscriber.

Netxcell Missed Call alert is a fully fledged system which performs HLR provisioning, Missed Call capture on ISUP layer and SMS delivery directly on the SS7 layer. Due to its inherent design architecture, Netxcell MCA is completely non-reactive to the existing network and it does not overload any existing network subsystem.

Why should an operator consider it? Making the mobile subscriber return calls even if the caller did not leave a voice message. Generates more billable revenue for wireless operators. Additional revenue from SMS notification traffic and additional traffic from returned calls. Allows operator to either select a subscription-based collection or non-subscription based standard deductions.

SMS Gateway

The Netxcell SMS Gateway is an SMS Content Delivery Solution. It supports fast-track deployment and development of SMS solutions Uses store/forward mechanism to ensure reliable delivery of SMS messages Supports Mobile Terminating messages. Supports text messages, picture messages, Unicode messages and ringtones It has the capability of anti-spamming which stops the flow unwanted SMS It helps operators streamline the flow of SMS messages during high traffic/peak hour load SMS Gateway supports sending a message through HTTP Interface.

SMSC Gateway is built on a modern extensible middle-ware platform which is highly adaptable and enables Mobile operators with SMSC core features like SMS messaging, broadcasting campaigns and group messaging between subscribers.

USSD Gateway

SCE (Service Creation Environment) service helps operator seize every opportunity to launch and create new applications quickly using drag and drop feature.

Service Delivery Platform

Netxcell’s Service Delivery Platform (SDP) will prove to be an able interface between the operator and the 3rd party systems which will satisfy the operators, vendors and the subscribers creating a win-win situation for all.

Netxcell has been working with operators, system integrators and enterprises to provide various technological solutions on different platforms – USSD, SMS, MMS, WEB, WAP, Video and Voice.

Netxcell SDP is a very efficient middleware for Network Switching Subsystem (NSS), Operation Support Subsystem (OSS) and Business Support Systems (BSS) integration.

The SDP Platform with highly flexible design and well-selected collection of native services can deliver services of any class be it Messaging, Content Management and delivery, Signaling based services, Diameter billing gateway, enterprise solutions etc.

Billing Middleware

Netxcell’s billing middleware is a billing mechanism that acts as a central point of contact between Mobile Telecom Operator and the VAS provider which have no access to HLR and IN systems.

It is able to distinguish and generate a pre-paid or a post-paid bill amount in accuracy as per the plan. Also, VAS partner providing GPRS would be allowed to set and reset the HLR flags and bill customer as per the specified plan.

HLR Sync

HLR Data inconsistency in GSM can impact call setup. To address this, Netxcell's HLR Sync solution provides a mechanism that maintains primary and secondary HLR database's in sync.

Self Care

Self Care system provides a user with an ability to check remaining credit, change their profile, view/customize tariff plans, activate/de-activate /renew services, recharge their account through USSD Browser, SMS, Web and WAP Portals at their own convenience.

With an inbuilt alarm and a session manager, operators can also view and analyze the user activated plans through the MIS reports as part of Self Care system function.